About Us

Coombe is a place where you can come and learn new skills, supported by a beautiful environment, great food & people who actively enable the creative process. It’s a place to make and show work, connect with nature, gain skills and get inspired. When Coombe opened in 1983, it was one of the first small artist-led centres offering week-long creative courses. Since then, over the past thirty years, an amazing network of people from all over the world has developed and many of them come back each year.

Today we continue to run residential short-courses year-round in both the UK & abroad (painting, drawing, printmaking and ceramics). We also

showcase work from professional artists & makers at our on-site gallery and run a Research & Development Programme. Our R&D programme gives time and space to artists and producers to develop new work and imagine new ways of working.



Our small-scale allows us to be attentive to the simple things we believe make a great place for you to create, learn and research –  skills-based tuition from passionate professional artists, a relaxed atmosphere,  a beautiful environment, a shared experience that can challenge and spark a sense of wonder, delicious food and great company.

This is the 4th year I’ve been here now but the enjoyment doesn’t diminish, it’s so relaxing & tranquil. I love it!

Lara, Martin, Sasha & Rosa

Coombe Farm Studios is run by Lara Lloyd with her husband Martin. Lara grew up at Coombe – it was started by her parents Paul & Tina Riley – after leaving home Lara spent time living and working in village potteries in Vietnam. On returning to the UK she spent 7 years in London working at Contemporary Applied Arts, the Rebecca Hossack Gallery, the British Council and Visiting Arts. On returning to Devon her arts career continued as she worked for 12 years as a programmer and producer of live performance for the Dartington Hall Trust. Lara took over the day-to-day running of Coombe Farm Studios in 2012 alongside her Dartington work and left Dartington in 2015. She now lives and works at Coombe full time alongside her role as a Board Member of Dance in Devon.

Martin is an established carpenter, specialising in bespoke doors & windows with a workshop over the fields from Coombe. He also keeps all the log fires burning at Coombe throughout the autumn and winter season, and is on hand for all the myriad of jobs that need doing on site. Martin and Lara live on-site at Coombe with their daughters, Sasha & Rosa.

Paul & Tina

Coombe also continues to be the home of Lara’s parents Paul Riley & Tina Riley. Paul is an internationally renowned artist, author and Coombe’s lead tutor (see tutor profiles for full biog). Tina ran her own fashion company prior to running Coombe for thirty years, she  now makes exceptional handmade jewellery, curates exhibitions in the gallery and ensures everyone is well fed by tending to our on-site vegetable garden.


Tanya is our fantastic chef. The meals that she most enjoys to cook are led by flavour, texture and a deep love and respect for food. She is a total joy to have on the team not least of all because of her love for cooking “It is my pleasure at Coombe, to nourish our guests with home-cooked, delicious, joyful food, which can have a positive impact on their minds, bodies and happiness. Being in the kitchen is my time to focus, relax, connect and create beautiful, seasonal dishes that make me proud to cook and our guests excited to eat. Other than all things food, I also enjoy being active and love the great outdoors. Walking our beautiful dog on the beach, jumping in the sea with my boyfriend and then snuggling up by a cosy fire”.


Heidi is our fantastic gardener, she studied textiles at Chelsea school of Art then spent time working as a bookseller where she met her husband who now works with her (part time). She went on to study Garden Design at Greenwich University and after moving,  with their young family out of London to the wonderfulness that is Devon and Totnes, she has worked as a gardener  in various beautiful gardens in the area.”I enjoy gardening in all weather, even rain.  To me a cup  of tea at the end of a good day gardening is very near to perfection”.

Lola @ The Eco Laundry

We are lucky that Coombe is situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty, and our environment matters to us, so we are delighted to have Lola and the Eco Laundry as part of our team. Lola also thinks  it’s hugely important to look after our environment and protect it for future generations so the Laundry uses a water borehole, biomass and solar technologies, energy efficient washing machines, and the very best quality, gentle, eco-friendly laundry detergents on the market – all to ensure we have minimal impact on our environment and you have the softest cleanest sheets and fluffy towels. Lola and her team do all our laundry as well as the cleaning and changeovers at Coombe. The Eco Laundry

Coombe Farm Studios in the beginning

Coombe Farm Studios was founded by Paul & Tina Riley, who had been working in London as an architect and fashion designer respectively, but wanted to move out of London to give more space to their family, and so Paul could concentrate on his chosen career as an artist. In Devon they found a place in which their dreams could be realised. On the plaque outside the entrance to the studios Paul carved the words

“Coombe Farm Studios Built By Her Friends 1983”

These words are in recognition of the enormous contribution made by people – farmers, architects, artists, builders and willing friends – who we met and who helped during the building years. As a result of their input Coombe started to grow organically and Paul & Tina realised that they had moved into an area not only designated as one of outstanding natural beauty, but also of huge creative talent. Wanting to ensure that talent surrounded their everyday lives at Coombe, whilst also supporting others, the programme of courses, workshops and exhibitions came into being.


Coombe family history

Auguste Rodin & Alfons Mucha, followed by Miloš Jiránek (Lara Lloyd's great grandfather), Josef Mařatka, and Joža UprkaThe history of art practice runs deep in the Coombe family history – Lara’s great-grandfather was the prominent Czech painter Miloš Jiránek. Miloš was an artist whose work was heavily influenced by artistic movements outside of the Austro-Hungarian empire. He was instrumental in developing a new sense of Czech artistic identity that embraced the art movements happening in Paris and the wider European horizons.To this end he and others formed the Manes Society and invited noted European artists to exhibit with them in Prague. Of particular note are Auguste Rodin, Edvard Munch & Alphons Mucha.

The image above shows Auguste Rodin and Alfons Mucha, followed by Miloš Jiránek (Lara’s great grandfather), Josef Mařatka, and Joža Uprka