This blog shares skills and thoughts from the Coombe valley, from the studio, garden, office and kitchen..



  • Kate Marshall – artist, teacher, associate artist I have always been open to collaborations with people working in different disciplines so I was very proud to be asked to be one of the first Coombe Associate Artists alongside Belinda Lee Chapman,  but despite a passion for watching contemporary dance, I hadn’t worked with a dancer so I was immediately intrigued to see what Belinda and I might produce if given time,space and encouragement at Coombe.   Devon really is home to some amazing creative folk but sometimes it can feel like we all get stuck down our own valleys or atop our own hills so having an excuse to ... Read more
  • Belinda Lee Chapman – Director B2B Theatre & Coombe Associate Artist Black and white image of Belinda Chapman dancing at Coombe Farm StudiosVery recently Lara asked if I would like to be an associate artist at Coombe Farm studio’s, along with Kate Marshall a local Devon artist. Part of the deal was that I would write a blog, I’ve been putting it off for a while, not sure if it would be interesting enough for any one to read or that I may make myself look stupid!   I moved from London to Devon around 8 years ago, I was pregnant with my first child, it seemed like a good idea.   I had a little Theatre company called Bound 2B Theatre, and had previously made ... Read more
  • #growingcreativity It’s the start of some new developments at Coombe, we’ve always been interested in #growingcreativity in all it’s guises and now we want to build on our courses and grow a network of people who are interested in #growingcreativity – their own and other peoples – so we’ve set up a group and will be developing our programme to include writing, developing new work and showcasing a range of work including exhibitions, film screenings, and performances…join the group Coombe Creatives and keep up to date with developments.. Read more
  • Beetroot and Coconut Soup (feeds 4) White bowl with Beetroot & coconut soupHeat up all ingredients in a pan, to boil.. Then simmer until beetroot is cooked through. Take off the heat and blend to a thickness you like. Serve with some fresh red chilli on top and maybe a few cumin seeds for decoration and some chunky farmhouse bread and coconut oil! Read more
  • Gemma Mallol on the art of yoga There is so much to be learned from what is happening inside of us, from being able to feel into our internal world, from being viscerally connected. There is so much life, creativity, connection available to every human being. There is so much in this modern world that encourages somatic disconnection – that fosters numbness, disembodiment, and passivity. Cultivating our ability to feel and connect from the inside out is a huge step towards reclaiming our own power, authority, direction and innate creativity. Read more
  • Veg Patch Coombe vegetable garden at duskI’m happy to report that after a rather slow start the vegetable garden is now coming into it’s own. Garlic planted last November has been harvested and broad beans all eaten. Rhubarb crumbles and tarts are frequent deserts! Now as you can see from the basket we have deliciously peppery radishes, mange tout, artichokes and various salads. We’ve also had the first two large cucumbers from the greenhouse and tomatoes are on their way. The runner and green beans are flowering, pak choi and asparagus peas are growing well. We’ve always had a policy of growing edible flowers such as nasturtiums, ... Read more
  • Our COVID-19 Response We are working from home, as we always do…the difference now is that we have no courses running, no artist residencies, no tutors or exhibitions, so we are closed to visitors. In practical terms all courses and residencies between April-June have been rescheduled, everyone booked onto a course should have received an email from us with the new dates. If you haven’t for any reason, do get in touch. We are, like everyone, closely monitoring the situation and we will take a decision regarding our summer courses over the coming weeks. If you have any questions whatsoever, please don’t hesitate ... Read more
  • Roses in bloom Peace Rose Coombe GardenThe roses are blooming beautifully at the moment, the peace rose at the back of the house has never had so many blooms. I think it looks stunning in a vase with some acid brights like our yellow poppies. The courtyard is turning a gorgeous shade of blue, perfect for painting, with Campanula blooming in all the low lying walls. Eva is working like mad cutting the grass and keeping all the weeding at bay, she’s also particularly annoyed with the spittlebug which seems to be out in force enjoying our lavender! Tina has been doing back-breaking work in the veg ... Read more
  • Clearing out space + recycling clay Bowl, Clay, GlovesWe had a great clear out of the studio spaces the other week prior to having a wedding in the Studios – 90 people eating, dancing and generally having a good time. It was the wedding of good friend Katrina to her partner of 17 years, Adrian. Katrina and I were at school together and also worked for many years side-by-side at Dartington. It was an honor to have the wedding at Coombe with so many great friends and a great excuse to clear out the spaces and install our new BAR! Read more
  • Quick lunchtime recipe – Spinach & Thai Curry Soup Baby spinachThai Green Curry Paste One of our popular lunchtime soups at Coombe is a really simple one. A Thai Green curry spinach & potato soup that’s really easy to make and everyone seems to love it… as long as I don’t over spice it… which can happen because I spent a lengthy stint in Vietnam years ago which made my taste buds LOVE the spice… Read more