Gemma Mallol on the art of yoga


Gemma Mallol Yoga in Coombe StudiosThere is so much to be learned from what is happening inside of us, from being able to feel into our internal world, from being viscerally connected. There is so much life, creativity, connection available to every human being. There is so much in this modern world that encourages somatic disconnection – that fosters numbness, disembodiment, and passivity. Cultivating our ability to feel and connect from the inside out is a huge step towards reclaiming our own power, authority, direction and innate creativity. This is really the invitation –  how to find ways to express that which is to be found within us? How can we feel and express our deepest connections or our deepest disconnections through different means, through different forms? A retreat like the Art of Yoga in September provides us with an opportunity to explore this question. Would this visceral awakening provide the ground from which creativity could be born? Would our internal world revealing itself provide the creative thread that we could follow through to authentic expression? How would this process come about? Would it be through movement, through yoga, through art, through observation, through dialogue, through introspective silence?

By exploring our internal world together we may gain insight into how we relate to the creative process. The embodiment practices may put us more deeply in touch with the blockages, fears, obstructions, distractions, dullness, impotence or confusion that stand in the way of us and our potential. We may gain access to those parts of us that are defended, scared, held, or overly demanding, and that by their very nature obstruct the flow of creative energy. We can experience directly how these obstructions; can affect us physically, emotionally, cognitively and creatively.

By being able to tap into feeling both at the level of sensation and emotion, we can start to experience somatically both what holds us back, but also more importantly how we might move forward. New pathways are lit up, new ways of being, creating, feeling and seeing reveal themselves. This is a meditative process.

The practices give us the tools to access the body as a feeling body, as a moving body, as an aware body, as a breathing body, as a living body, as a body in which we can investigate, explore and be curious in.

As we invite the body to explore different shapes in yoga, these changing templates allow us to explore our feelings and cultivate many different connections inside.

As we slow body and mind down, we get the chance to feel what is truly here, to give time and attention to that which has been ignored or rushed over, and to start the process of understanding the language of the body, its huge creative capacity, and the miraculous insight of its unspoken voice.



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