Quick lunchtime recipe – Spinach & Thai Curry Soup

Thai Green Curry Paste



One of our popular lunchtime soups at Coombe is a really simple one. A Thai Green curry spinach & potato soup that’s really easy to make and everyone seems to love it… as long as I don’t over spice it… which can happen because I spent months in Vietnam years ago & now my taste buds LOVE the spice… so the teaspoon below makes it tasty, but mellow. If you like spice as much as I do…add more to your own taste.

Serves 6

1 x large onion

3 x cloves of garlic

3 x medium size potatoes

1 x large bag of spinach

A large thumb sized piece of coconut block

stock – chicken or suitable alteranative for vegetarian/gluten free etc

Basically you just sweat your onions and garlic as normal

Add a teaspoon of ready made thai green curry paste (like sharwoods or any quaility brand)

Add your peeled potatoes cut into medium chunks

Add some water to start cooking down the potatoes

Whent he potatoes are soft, add your bag of spinach and cover wtih stock

When the spinach is cooked down – a few minutes – break up the coconut block and add it in

Blitz the lot with a hand blender and season to taste (also adding more curry paste if you want to spice it up!)


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