Spend some time creating something, a sketch, a painting or a bowl that feels just right to serve your favourite stew in. Spend time developing a play, writing a script or collaborating with another artist. Whatever you want to create,

Coombe provides some space for you to do it, by offering people with skills that will help you turn your ideas into reality or to inspire you to come up with an idea of what to create in the first place. Our short-courses are designed to help you with both aspects, depending on what you need in order to unlock your own creativity. Some of the courses are focused entirely on one medium i.e. watercolours, others are a mix of disciplines or approaches, from Gerry Dudgeon’s mixed media course, to the Art of Attention, a course that combines drawing, ceramics and yoga. For detailed course information have a look at our courses page or call us to discuss which one might be best for you. Our R&D programme offers time, space and mentoring for the early stages of developing work across all art forms including theatre, live art and music.



Creativity {the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Creativity has been characterised by the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, and to generate solutions}.


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