Veg Patch

produceI’m happy to report that after a rather slow start the vegetable garden is now coming into it’s own. Garlic planted last November has been harvested and broad beans all eaten. Rhubarb crumbles and tarts are frequent deserts! Now as you can see from the basket we have deliciously peppery radishes, mange tout, artichokes and various salads. We’ve also had the first two large cucumbers from the greenhouse and tomatoes are on their way. The runner and green beans are flowering, pak choi and asparagus peas are growing well.

We’ve always had a policy of growing edible flowers such as nasturtiums, borage and marigolds amongst the veg but this year Eva has also taken over a section to produce cut flowers for the studios and bedrooms – so useful and it’s also made the veg garden a great subject for our painters. I hope I’ll be able to post some of their pictures later in the year when the plot is less abundant!


All the herbs are also growing well – we’ve masses of chives, sage, parsley, basil, coriander, dill, mint, thyme and marjoram as well as very bushy trailing rosemary. Being able to pick as many herbs as we need for the kitchen is so satisfying when I consider the prices in the shops! Talking of which I planted another 50 mixed salads yesterday. What I do is buy those “living salads” from Lidl or Sainsburys at around £1 then simply divide them up and plant them. If there’s more than you need you can just eat the rest but, as you can imagine there are plenty of customers at Coombe for all the fresh produce our little patch can produce. It’s all organic too, though I’m afraid I have resorted to using slug pellets as those little creatures have already had a good feast this year.

So next up I’ll need to re sow radish and rocket and start adding a few winter crops to the leeks and keep on harvesting all the existing produce for Lauren to cook in the kitchen! x Tina



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