Kate Marshall – artist, teacher, associate artist

I have always been open to collaborations with people working in different disciplines so I was very proud to be asked to be one of the first Coombe Associate Artists alongside Belinda Lee Chapman,  but despite a passion for watching contemporary dance, I hadn’t worked with a dancer so I was immediately intrigued to see […]

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Belinda Lee Chapman – Director B2B Theatre & Coombe Associate Artist

Black and white image of Belinda Chapman dancing at Coombe Farm Studios

Very recently Lara asked if I would like to be an associate artist at Coombe Farm studio’s, along with Kate Marshall a local Devon artist. Part of the deal was that I would write a blog, I’ve been putting it off for a while, not sure if it would be interesting enough for any one […]

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It’s the start of a new development for Coombe…partly bringing some of my Dartington, Visiting Arts and British Council worlds into the Coombe Valley…   Whilst we were developing the new Coombe website it seemed a like a good time to think about what Coombe is really about, and what we will be doing over […]

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Beetroot and Coconut Soup (feeds 4)

White bowl with Beetroot & coconut soup

Another really simple quick lunchtime soup that’s popular with all our students – it’s delicious, nutritious and gorgeously colourful so suits Coombe perfectly! Thanks for this Lauren! 1 x tin coconut milk // 2 fresh beetroot // Salt and pepper to taste // Pinch of cumin seeds // Pinch of grounded cumin // Pinch of […]

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Gemma Mallol on the art of yoga

  There is so much to be learned from what is happening inside of us, from being able to feel into our internal world, from being viscerally connected. There is so much life, creativity, connection available to every human being. There is so much in this modern world that encourages somatic disconnection – that fosters […]

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Veg Patch

Coombe vegetable garden at dusk

I’m happy to report that after a rather slow start the vegetable garden is now coming into it’s own. Garlic planted last November has been harvested and broad beans all eaten. Rhubarb crumbles and tarts are frequent deserts! Now as you can see from the basket we have deliciously peppery radishes, mange tout, artichokes and […]

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Our COVID-19 Response

We are working from home, as we always do…the difference now is that we have no courses running, no artist residencies, no tutors or exhibitions, so we are closed to visitors. In practical terms all courses and residencies between April-June have been rescheduled, everyone booked onto a course should have received an email from us […]

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Roses in bloom

Peace Rose Coombe Garden

The roses are blooming beautifully at the moment, the peace rose at the back of the house has never had so many blooms. I think it looks stunning in a vase with some acid brights like our yellow poppies. The courtyard is turning a gorgeous shade of blue, perfect for painting, with Campanula blooming in […]

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Clearing out space + recycling clay

Bowl, Clay, Gloves

We had a great clear out of the studio spaces the other week prior to having a wedding in the Studios – 90 people eating, dancing and generally having a good time. It was the wedding of good friend Katrina to her partner of 17 years, Adrian. Katrina and I were at school together and […]

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Quick lunchtime recipe – Spinach & Thai Curry Soup

Baby spinach

    One of our popular lunchtime soups at Coombe is a really simple one. A Thai Green curry spinach & potato soup that’s really easy to make and everyone seems to love it… as long as I don’t over spice it… which can happen because I spent months in Vietnam years ago & now […]

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