COOMBE CREATIVES is a network dedicated to ‪#‎growingcreativity in the South West, anyone that wants to see it thrive, their own, or others.

With the starting principal ‘a rising tide floats all boats’ we want to support one another to take risks, share wisdom and be inspired.

The network is informal and feeds into other events and networks in the region. It comprises the Facebook group Coombe Creatives a biannual Arts Supper, and an email group for those not on Facebook.

The Facebook and email groups are a place to receive information about events and a place to share ideas about #growingcreativity – how to do it, why we should do it… the Arts Supper is a chance for us to meet up in person, to eat, drink and talk about how we can grow creativity. It’s also an opportunity to invite other artists into the network and introduce them to others. It’s very informal and shaped by those who attend.



“We created the network because it felt like there were always lots of cross over conversations between people we knew, who didn’t seem to know one another, so it’s a great way of connecting artists to one another and I’m excited to see what collaborations emerge.”

Lara Lloyd, Director Coombe Farm Studios